Welcome to Jessica GR’s website for INFO 284-10 (Medieval Manuscripts: Codicology) and INFO 284-11 (Medieval Manuscripts: Paleography). The site is broken down into two main sections, one for each course noted above.

Each main section is also broken down into sub-sections. arrow to the rightCheck out the Quick Navigation links to the right of each page to jump to a specific section. The specific pages for each sub-section will contain a previous and next button, which will lead you through the sub-section in a set order. If you wish to jump ahead or go back further than one page, go ahead and use the Quick Nav to get you where you want to go quickly.

As you read through each page, there will also be navigation buttons on the bottom of each page to direct you to previous or subsequent pages along with a home link to return you to the main page of that section (e.g., Codicology or Paleography). A sample of these buttons is show below in an image from one of the Mayan Codices pages:

Example of Navigation Buttons
Example of navigation buttons on the bottom of section pages